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Watch out for the Tree Mongers!!!

Watch out for the Tree Mongers!!!

The colony world Serene was a disappointment to the Company, having few mineral deposits or other natural resources of value. But for the farmers it was paradise, thanks to the “magic” golden trees. The fields where these trees grew were free of weeds and harmful insects, and crops that were grown there thrived!

Then one day, the Tree Mongers came, menacing robots that dropped from ships hovering over the fields. They ripped the golden trees right out of the ground and took them away, along with some of the farmers to help keep them alive until they could be processed into an energy source for their ship’s weapons.

Young Kenny was out playing in his village common when the Tree Mongers suddenly appeared before him. He ran to his favorite hiding place, a nearby cave. The Tree Mongers began taking the golden trees and farmers from his village. Terrified, he went deeper and deeper into the cave, when he came upon a doorway covered in dust and cobwebs. He struggled to get the door open, then was amazed to find a secret with a strange red suit and a mysterious red hammer. Could these be used to repel the Tree Mongers?

My 7-year old son Kenny and I are developing this story (which Kenny created) into a 3rd person adventure game for the iPad, Android, Mac and Windows PC’s. Check back often for updates!

Tree Mongers cover

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