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Ramblings and today’s progress

Ramblings and today’s progress

2015-07-25_18-37-55Hey gang, Glenn here.  I’m trying to streamline my daily updates since it takes a lot of time that could be spent on development.  I’ve decided to make a short video and post it on Facebook and Kickstarter, then post here with details and behind-the-scenes stuff.

Before I get started, a gentle reminder to please visit our Kickstarter page and consider backing our project!  We would greatly appreciate it and you’ll get a reward in return.  You could even become a character in the game!  Go to Kickstarter to sign up.

I got a question about the video where I interviewed Kenny.  Someone wanted to know how we produced that.  Well, we did it in our living room!  I setup 3 fixed cameras and some lights then sat down with Kenny and started asking him about the game.  No cues cards or anything, it was all done on the fly.  Once he got started he was a real ham!  I loved it when he asked if we were going to have Tree Mongers underwear!  :-0

We did it all in one 12 minute take which I edited down to about 5 minutes.  Our daughter Serena was the assistant director, sounding the clap board to start us off (it was so cute)!

Anyway, today I spent most of the day today in Maya working on improving the animations for Kenny and starting on the Tree Mongers.  Right now the Tree Mongers animations are just a copy of the human animations so they swagger a bit!  That will be replaced soon with the real deal.  Check out the video on Facebook and Kickstarter!

In the video you can get a sense of the game play.  Kenny arrives in the village, having gotten the “magic” suit and hammer from the secret room in the cave.  Just in time too, the Tree Mongers are here!  The villagers scatter and Kenny sets off in pursuit of the Tree Mongers.

Of course, at this point Kenny can’t throw the hammer, but to balance that out the Tree Mongers can’t take the golden trees either!  Poor things, all they can do is walk up to them and stare.  🙁

Anyway, that’s going to be done soon so check back for updates.  We’re working on throwing the hammer and having it damage the Tree Mongers, plus the Tree Monger’s animations for taking the golden trees.

Disclaimer: At this point the graphics, animation and game play are in the early development phases, so please don’t think this is anywhere near finished product!  We’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the development process so be gentle.

Warm Regards,

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