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New Mac/iOS application in the works – Elegant Planner!

New Mac/iOS application in the works – Elegant Planner!

We’re working hard on our new Mac/iOS application called Elegant Planner.  Elegant Planner is a Task Management and Notes application for busy people who need to get things done.

Do spend 30-60 minutes a day organizing and re-prioritizing your tasks before you start working on them?  Let Elegant Planner do it for you!  When you think, “What should I work on next?”, Elegant Planner will tell you!

Elegant Planner is different than other task managers with it’s  powerful scheduling engine, which automatically creates a detailed plan to get all your tasks done on time.

The Ultimate Task Manager:

  • Traditional task managers use “Priority” to help sort your To-Do’s.  The problem is, priorities change over time!  Have you ever changed the “priority” of a task because it was due soon?
  • You want to get everything done on time.  What you really need to know is when to work on your tasks so you don’t fall behind!
  • Elegant Planner creates scheduled times to work on your tasks and spreads out larger tasks into multiple, smaller time slots.  It also plans around the meetings from your calendar.
  • If you prefer, Elegant Planner can even put your Tasks into your Apple Calendar on your Mac, iOS device or iCloud.  You can choose any Calendar you want or even have a separate one with it’s own color, and show schedule times as Free or Busy.

Clean, Simple Notes:

  • Elegant Planner’s Notes feature is designed for meeting minutes, brain-storming, etc.
  • You can tag anything in a Note and Elegant Planner will create a Task for you!
  • Notes supports full text formatting.  You can cut and paste text, graphics, etc. from other apps.  Hyperlinks, phone numbers and addresses are detected and linked automatically.

Organize Notes and Tasks using Projects:

  • Projects are simply a way to group Notes and Tasks for easy viewing and updating.
  • Projects can be anything like creating a proposal at work, a home improvement project, etc.
  • For each Project you tell Elegant Planner the times you are available to work on it, and how much of that time you want to devote to it (e.g., M-F, 8-5, 25%).

My Time:

  • My Time is a graphical interface to help you see and organize your Tasks on a timeline.  You can drag Tasks to update your progress, change due dates, even link Tasks together!
  • My Time also shows how much free time you have, or alerts you if you are overbooked.

My Calendar:

  • My Calendar shows you your plan in a calendar view.  Of course, you can also have Elegant Planner put your Task schedule into your Apple Calendar for you!

Additional Features:

  • iCloud:  Elegant Planner is iCloud-enabled and is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.  (Mac and iOS versions sold separately, iOS 7 required)
  • Easy to use, but very powerful:  Elegant Planner is designed for maximum simplicity and efficiency.
  • Elegant Planner is not cluttered with fancy “features” that just add complexity and do little or nothing to help you get organized.
  • However, behind the scenes Elegant Planner is a very powerful program that automatically generates your schedule and helps you get everything done on time.
  • This means you can use Elegant Planner right away with no steep learning curve, but get the most powerful personal planner on the market!
  • All of these features are INCLUDED, no in-app purchases!

Check back for updates and screenshots (coming soon)!

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